Time|That Passer-by, killing time

Time, That Passer-by, Killing time

Le Temps fait┬ápasser L’Amour,
Et L’Amour fait passer le Temps_a Frensh saying_

“It has to pass,
that we fall in love for the first time ;
to be happy, and to suffer,
then after that
we finish by to forgive, and to forget, with time.

Then, as time passing by, we fall in love again,
and never forget, that is, the first love.”_ kalimelo

Time, and again,
A story that already finishes as it begins,
Time, that passer-by passenger, oh lo!
And behold, Has Just killed time, a while ago_
His brother, as though, his kin
Not rising a brow 
Passing by With no regrets, 
and So as time goes by
Its blood still running on the sheepskin,
had not dry yet so
and dare says:" Alas!
Com'e che il mondo e duras!"

_"Te voglio bene assai
Ma tanto tanto bene sai
E una cantena ormai
Che sciogliei sangue dint'e vene sai"*

Time!that messenger coming soon
Announcing good news, as that bad, also at noon
As well, so and so, night and day
as we used to say
Of omens and odds
For Lovers, and friends,
foes and from gods,
yester me,and yester you
yesterday, now and then, 
And yes till tomorrow 
Memories speak to you
it triggers me at the core of the marrow
Years, as they passed by in loving you
counting Seconds, running numbers
Glowing embers
Burning slow in my vein
Like Cadenas of a chain
Your lament so vain, 
killing time, and again.
Oh! My hearth thou arth killing me softly, 
sometimes I feel lonely
I have you under my skin
Time and again!
Give me Time!
I have to go, I have to get,
To learn to forgive and forget.